Taking the cake

Taking the cake

The Mid-Autumn Festival came and went. The only reminders we have of it are the calories we still have to burn off from all the mooncakes we ate. To get into the spirit of the festival, we asked our readers to design their own mooncake and give it a name. Here are the top 10 answers ...

1. Rainbow delight

I would love to design a rainbow-coloured mooncake, featuring slices of different coloured fruit. Not only would it be delicious, it would also be healthy.

Kelsi Lo Lok-sik, 13

2. Yogurt fantasy

A frozen yogurt mooncake! With fewer calories, its sour taste would make you crave more!

Kira Lai, 15

3. M&M bliss

My mooncake would be covered with M&M's - it would be so colourful and sweet! All teenagers would love it, and so would all M&M's lovers!

Odessa Fung, 13

4. Chang'e's own

My mooncake would be in the shape of the Moon Goddess Chang'e and her rabbit. It makes sense, as they both went to the moon in the traditional Chinese story.

Tiffany Yip, 13

5. Non-sticky bite

I would love a mooncake that doesn't stick to my teeth when I eat it, so my delicacy would be sweet, soft, and made out of glutinous rice.

Cassandra Lee, 20

6. Yolk wonder

My creation would be named Yolk. Why? As a traditional mooncake lover, my mooncake would be full of egg yolks held together with some lotus paste.

Minnie Yip, 15

7. Totoro's gift

As a fan of manga artist Hayao Miyazaki, who recently retired, I would dedicate my design to him. It would be in the shape of a huge Totoro with lots of almonds and other nuts in it!

Peter Yung Chi-sen, 11

8. Bookish revenge

Since studying is stressful, I would love to relieve some of the pressure by getting revenge on my textbooks. So I would design my mooncake in the shape of a book and eat it! Revenge is sweet!

Happy Leung, 14

9. Halloween mooncake

My creation would be called The-Very-Spooky-And-Definitely-Not-Edible-Mooncake. It would have a ghost's face printed on it, only visible under UV light.

Ruby Leung, 16

10. Marvellous marshmallow

Other than mooncakes, I also love marshmallows. So my design would be big and shaped like a marshmallow, and inside, there would be, yup, you've guessed it - marshmallows! My creation would be called Marvellous Marshmallow Mooncake!

Crystal Cheung Tsz- ying, 16

Next week:

We'll be entering the month of Halloween next week. So to get into the spooky spirit, tell us what scares you the most, and why. Send your response, together with your name, age and school, to reporters.club@scmp.com with "Top 10: Scared" in the subject field

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