Tracks to play around with

Tracks to play around with

Australia's alternative pop group San Cisco - formed by lead vocalist Jordi Davieson, guitarist Josh Biondillo, bassist Nick Garner and drummer Scarlett Stevens - has been riding high since dropping their first single, Awkward. Their eponymous album hit Hong Kong record stores in July.

The childhood friends, who originally billed themselves as King George, have been playing to their strength - youthful innocence - since day one. Their music is both sentimental and mischievous, playful and catchy.

Awkward features a catchy looping of electric guitar, paired with Davieson and Stevens' sweet vocal duet. A sense of playfulness fills the track, making it sound almost amateur.

Opener Beach is fresh, powerful, and anthemic, while the currently popular Fred Astaire effortlessly lures people in, and gets them grooving.

It is this intentional immaturity that makes the band stand out. For proof, listen to their other numbers, which further show the band's well-calculated mischief.

San Cisco occupies the cool middle ground between bubblegum pop and extreme indie; this album is one even mainstream music lovers will like.

YP Rating: 3/5

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