Script: Listening Exercise 187

Script: Listening Exercise 187


Male: Oh, don't worry too much, things will sort themselves out. You've only been there a couple of months - It's early days. We've all been through what you’re going through, and thought we'd made a terrible mistake changing jobs.

Female: I do hope you're right. I really wish I'd never left my old job. I was so happy there when I come to think about it.

Male: We've all had bad jobs, but that does us good in the long run, and makes us appreciate a good job when we get one. Who hasn’t had a terrible boss who's made life miserable or work colleagues we didn't get on with?

Female: Yes, you're right. What's the worst job you've ever had?

Male: Well, I've been working for more than twenty years now, so I've had my fair share of bad jobs. I think the worst one was the one before last. My boss was absolutely terrible.

Female: Was he the only reason you didn't like the job?

Male: Yes. My co-workers were great, the commute each day wasn't bad and the salary was okay. But my boss was a nightmare. He would stand over you all the time just waiting for you to make a mistake. He was so nasty. He never explained how he wanted things done and was always losing his temper. Not only with me, With everyone. I only worked there fourteen weeks.

Female: Would you have stayed longer if the salary had been higher?

Male: It’s difficult to say. I know that sometimes if you are a bit unhappy with your job you say to yourself ‘At least I’m earning a good salary here’ or ‘I must put up with this because it will look good on my CV’. But if there’s someone in the company who makes you feel miserable and inadequate, you just can’t do a good job so you shouldn’t stick around. It’s a no-win situation and you should move on.

Female: I agree. Any problems I’ve had in a job have always been to do with my co-workers. I’m a very easy-going person and get on with most people, but in some of my past jobs I’ve had a difficult time with colleagues. That’s the problem with this new job. My co-workers are so lazy and difficult to work with. I’m trying my best to get along with them, but I’m getting nowhere. They’ve all been there a long time and resent me as a newcomer on a high salary.

Male: I’ve never been in that situation. Don’t make any hasty decisions. See if anything improves in the next month – maybe your colleagues will get to know you, and start behaving better.


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