Unmissable, unlikely hero

Unmissable, unlikely hero


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In the latest Bollywood romcom Barfi!, Indian director Anurag Basu takes the audience on a kaleidoscopic journey across his country, bettered by a heartfelt love story.

Barfi (Ranbir Kapoor) is mute and deaf - and happy. The film is a complex blend of love at first sight, kidnap, a dying parent, arranged marriages and a love triangle - it has to be seen to be appreciated, but it is fantastically plotted.

Barfi! is an insanely enjoyable cinematic ride, with amazing colour, lights and music. Basu's ability to blend tonnes of genres - a typical Bollywood storyline driven heavily by music, topped by an exquisite European ambiance and Western humour - has refined India's movie-making scene. His creative, beautiful shots, including a nighttime scene with fireflies encased in soap bubbles, are breathtaking.

Kapoor's acting is exceptional. Even though he speaks no words other than his own name, audiences instantly feel a connection.

Barfi! is a five-star-deserving underdog which, unlike most examples of the genre, which drag on almost sinfully, has the charm to nail audiences to their seats without realising two and a half hours have passed.

YP Rating: 5/5

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