About the YP Reporters’ Club!

About the YP Reporters’ Club!

If you like to write in your free time, have a passion for reporting, shoot videos, have a blog, or just want to share your enthusiasm with the YP community, the Reporters’ Club is for you.

If you join, you could meet stars and inspiring people, participate in workshops like dimsum making or flight simulation, get up close and personal with professional journalists, write on a regular basis and get your stories published.

Which skills are we looking for?

Writers, photographers, filmakers and video editors, reviewers, illustrators, teamplayers, group gatherers, and all creative people

How to join

If you're 12 to 15, you are a cub, and if you're 16 to 20, you are a tiger. To register, answer the following and send it to reporters.club@scmp.com

* First Name:
* Last Name:
* Date of Birth (DD/ Month/Year):
* Age:
* School Name:
* Phone number (it is important that you provide this information. When we want to publish something you wrote, we need to be able to reach you for any details, photos, etc):
* E-mail:
* Address:
* Attach your picture portrait (a picture like the ones used in passports)

How do I know if my application has been successful?

We usually deal with new applications once a week, so don’t expect an answer straight away. Once we’ve taken care of your application, you will receive a welcome email with more details about the club and we will be asked to fill in some forms to sort out copyright issues. It is very important that you complete those forms and send them to us before you start submitting articles and participating in YP workshops.

If you haven’t received an answer after two weeks, kindly send a reminder to the Reporters’ Club email.

How it works

Once your application has been confirmed and you have sent back the forms, you can submit your story ideas by sending an email to reporters.club@scmp.com. Have a look here to see what makes a good story idea.

Junior reporters can also meet up to discuss their ideas with the YP team. To check when the next editorial meeting is, click here.

The meetings are open to six to eight junior reporters each time. They are held at the South China Morning Post office in Causeway Bay, usually on Tuesdays from 6pm to 6.45pm. To participate, send an email to reporters.club@scmp.com one week before. The first students to sign up will be chosen to take part and notified by email.

The SCMP office in Causeway Bay is at 1, Leighton Road (map)

During the meeting, you will need to pitch story ideas, so come prepared, with at least three ideas.

If we pick your idea, you will then need to organise interviews and sometimes photos for your story. The YP team will give you a deadline according to your school work. It will either be published on the Junior Reporters’ page in YP print, on yp.scmp.com in the Reporters’ Club section or on the YP blog

Sometimes, just like in a real newsroom, we will assign you stories. If you’re not able to come to the editorial meeting, check your inbox, we send newsletters and updates. You can also keep track of the Reporters’ Club assignments by visiting the assignments and workshops page


Young Post usually organises workshops for its junior reporters on public holidays and during school breaks. To check what’s next and sign up, visit the assignments and workshops page

What will I be writing about?

Beauty, cinema, politics, games, economics, lifestyle, experiences, you can suggest anything you want. Check on our website and previous Young Post issues to see if we have already covered your idea.


Remember that fictional student Jason Yip went through all the stages of writing his first story before you. Reading his adventures will help you think of everything you need to know to become a good reporter. Click here to read Jason Yip's stories.

You have an idea, but you're not sure it's a good one? You're having some difficulties with your assignment?

Seek the YP reporters' team advice and email us at reporters.club@scmp.com

Share your YP experience and discuss with other readers

Junior Reporters have a special page on the YP's forum to discuss their stories ideas and experiences with other reporters. Click here to visit the forum



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