Take a byte out of nutrition tool

Take a byte out of nutrition tool

University designs a new program to push entire schools to get healthy

A university has launched an online program that will hopefully push youngsters towards a healthier lifestyle - and keep track of their progress. Chinese University's Centre for Nutritional Studies has launched "My Wellness Tracker" to raise teens' awareness about nutrition, energy balance and the things that affect their weight.

"Many youths are not aware that they eat a poor diet, and do not get enough sleep and exercise," says Forrest Yau, who works at the centre.

The tracker's features include a database on local food and an energy calculator.

Students can record what food they have eaten and what exercises they've done, and based on that, the program gives them tips on how to live a healthy life, says Yau.

To encourage more students to join, the centre will award a "Wellness School" flag to any school that actively uses the program. "Wellness" certificates will also be given to teachers and students.

Any student who makes the best use of the tracker will win a book coupon and the title "Distinguished Wellness Student".

Besides the online tracker, there is a toolkit on nutrition and exercise for teachers who want to spread healthy vibes. "There are guidelines [in the kit] on how to eat a balanced diet and tips on working out," says Yau.

To encourage more participants to use the toolkit and "My Wellness Tracker", Chinese University will hold free health talks at schools.

To find out more, visit wellness.mect.cuhk.edu.hk

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