Exhibition is a roaring success

Exhibition is a roaring success

Want to go back in time 250 million years? This dino-extravaganza gives you a taste of life with the fierce creatures


Our junior reporters visit Dinosaurs Live! at the Venetian Macao
Our junior reporters visit Dinosaurs Live! at the Venetian Macao
Photos: John Kang/SCMP
Dinosaurs are being brought back to life! Well, not quite, but until October 1 you can catch lifelike ones at the Venetian Macao.

Set in a massive jungle, the animatronic dinosaurs breathe, move and make sounds. There is also interesting information about the ancient creatures: their diet, habitat, and much more.

Our junior reporters went to the exhibition, and here's what they thought:

Attention to detail

JRs had a blast ... from the long-ago past!

All the dinosaurs in the exhibition move and roar; if you look closely, they even wriggle their claws and flick their tongues. Most importantly, you can take pictures with T. Rex to show your friends.

William Cheng

What impressed me most about the exhibition was its attention to detail. If you're brave enough to get close to the dinosaurs, you can see their eyes move and actually see their rib cages expand. Every dinosaur has a different habitat.

Everything looked so realistic that when the dinosaurs moved and roared, it made me feel as if I had gone back in time.

Michele Chan

Riveting ride

Dinosaurs Live! brings magnificent moving dinosaurs to life.

Dinosaurs Live! was truly interactive. We got to ride on the back of an Iguanodon, a Protoceratops, and a Triceratops! Don't let their long and complicated names put you off riding them - they're actually really comfortable. It was great fun.

I even climbed inside a Pteranodon egg, while its giant mother spread her wings to protect the newborns - and me!

Nola Yip

Horrifically huge

Junior reporters saw just how large and scary dinosaurs must have been

One thing that really stood out from the Dinosaurs Live! exhibition was how big the dinosaurs were. They were very tall - just like the piles of homework on my desk in term time!

Joy Pamnani

Throughout the exhibition, you really felt like you were in the wild jungle surrounded by dinosaurs, except you didn't have to fear for your life. They were huge. The T. Rex was probably my favourite - I was so small compared to it!

Sally Kim

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