Scot rockers are more upbeat

Scot rockers are more upbeat

It's been five years since Scottish rock band Travis released their last album. Where You Stand, the band's latest, has a slightly more cheerful vibe than most of their previous work.

The title track is all about catchy guitar work. If there's one thing fans have been missing, it's lead singer Fran Healy's whimsically sentimental vocals, which are plentiful here. The fast tempo, contrasting with soulful singing, conveys the sense of odd emptiness that Travis seem to have been pursuing since day one.

If you want something to tap your toes to, New Shoes does the trick. A somewhat grim melody works well with the distinctively strong beats. Moving is the highlight - a classic rock track with a well-composed chorus, and Healy belting out energetic vocals.

Where You Stand is not a revolutionary album, but everything is done to perfection within Travis' comfort zone. Critics say the band's music shows an increasing influence by Coldplay, but this upbeat vibe makes them sound more Keane-esque.

YP Rating: 3/5

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