YP nabs silver medal at world press event

YP nabs silver medal at world press event

Young Post is cited for making a difference in the way local youth see the importance of press freedom and free speech

Young Post has won the silver award in this year's World Young Reader Prize for public service with our project on press freedom awareness.

The competition was organised by the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers. It looks for creative projects by newspapers to encourage interaction with their teenage readers.

Hong Kong is known for a strong tradition of free speech, but the city was ranked only 58th in this year's Press Freedom Index.

To raise awareness of the issue, Young Post ran stories every day of the week leading up to World Press Freedom Day on May 3. The campaign covered topics such as the effects of censorship, the media's right to freedom of expression, the definition of a journalist, and a comparison between state-owned and privately owned news organisations. We also published the top 10 slogans for World Press Freedom Day submitted by our readers.

In awarding the silver medal to the newspaper, the judges noted: "This was a bold idea to raise an issue of censorship in China-governed Hong Kong and we hope it helps to raise awareness among the young in case of any future changes in politics and law in Hong Kong."

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