Blind, deaf and able

Blind, deaf and able

Disabled student Tsang Tsz-kwan is helped by good support systems and kind people at Chinese University


Deaf and blind student (centre) Tsang Tsz-kwan on her first day at Chinese University.
Deaf and blind student (centre) Tsang Tsz-kwan on her first day at Chinese University.
Photo: Sam Tsang/SCMP
Blind student Tsang Tsz-kwan was given a warm welcome when she went in to her tutorial room at the Chinese University yesterday. The 20-year-old has just started her bachelor's degree in Translation and Education.

Tsang - blind and hearing impaired - has to read Braille with her lips because her fingers lack the normal level of sensitivity. Yet she scored 5** - the highest grade in the DSE exams - in three of her subjects.

Her first day was well taken care of by Olivia Cheung Wing, a Japanese Studies student in her second year of studies. "I was both thrilled and worried when the faculty told me I would be her student helper," said Cheung.

"I didn't really know how to assist a blind person. [Tsang] taught me more than I was able to help her."

The university will provide transport and equipment such as a Braille typewriter to help Tang cope, dean of students Dennis Ng Kee-pui said.

The same classroom also attracted extra attention with student Lui Wing-ho, a former drug user who shook off his addiction during his time in Christian Zheng Sheng College.

"When you are determined to change, society will offer you the opportunity," said Lui, who is also studying Translation and Education.

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