Electropop gets you moving

Electropop gets you moving

Brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence - aka Disclosure - produce catchy, thumping beats in their debut album Settle.

The British electronic pop duo came to attention in 2010, and quickly rose to fame with chart-topping singles like Latch and White Noise, both of which appear on the album.

All 14 tracks embrace the current vogue for British garage music and dubstep; the first track has a one-minute intro featuring a motivational speech by "hip hop preacher" Eric Thomas.

He's not the only guest: girl-of-the-moment Jessie Ware appears on Confess to Me, and the soulful and uplifting, yet lively, White Noise features AlunaGeorge.

But the real highlight is Latch. Featuring singer Sam Smith, its effusive emotions make you feel like you're dancing in the summer sunshine.

The album's downside is the lack of variation in style among the tracks. The repetitive lyrics are also less than inspiring.

Still, Settle makes an ideal end-of-summer album to dance to, if you're in the mood to let it all out and unwind.

YP Rating: 3/5

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