Shrek-fest in Macau

Shrek-fest in Macau


(From left) Junior reporters Nola Yip, Sally Kim, Helen Wu, Joy Pamnani, Christy Wong, William Cheng, Michele Chan, Elise Chen and Kate Ng pose with cartoon characters.
(From left) Junior reporters Nola Yip, Sally Kim, Helen Wu, Joy Pamnani, Christy Wong, William Cheng, Michele Chan, Elise Chen and Kate Ng pose with cartoon characters.
Photos: John Kang/SCMP
Nine junior reporters took a ferry to Macau one recent morning and made sure they did so on an empty stomach. They were heading to the DreamWorks Experience at Cotai Strip Resorts, which features "Shrekfast", a big breakfast buffet with popular DreamWorks characters, including the grumpy green ogre.

Here's what they experienced ...

Shrekalicious breakfast bonanza

Helen and Christy pose with Shrek's Puss in Boots

Once you enter the ballroom where Shrekfast is held, you're no longer in Macau but in Far Far Away, where Shrek, Fiona and all the other fairy-tale characters live. But you're not the only guest that Shrek and Fiona have invited. Characters from DreamWorks Studios' popular animated movies - Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda and How to Train Your Dragon - are also there to entertain you.

William Cheng

One of the more interesting foods on display was Gingy, the adorable little gingerbread man from Shrek. You could eat him, and that was exactly what I did. I was reminded of the "You're a monster!" interrogation scene from the first movie, when Gingy is "tortured" by having body parts nibbled off him.

Sally Kim

All sorts of foods from around the world were laid out for us in a big dining hall. The green table cloths (the hallmark colour of Shrek and Fiona) instantly caught my eye. There were castles on the side, and I felt like I had just stepped into a Shrek movie. As lively music played, we took pictures with the characters' soft, fluffy arms around us. We had the chance to indulge all of our five senses.

Michele Chan

The decorations included four themes from as many DreamWorks cartoons, dividing the room into four sections with a red carpet in the centre. We were seated at a long table reserved especially for us junior reporters, right next to the carpet where stars from the four animations performed on stage. I totally felt like a VIP!

Nola Yip

After a great buffet breakfast, we received two goodie bags: the DreamWorks Experience Welcome Kit (given to everyone who buys the DreamWorks Experience package) and a DreamWorks Experience Kid's Fun Pack (given to children below 12 when they stay at the Holiday Inn Macao Cotai Central).

We hopped along delightedly for the Paradise Gardens - the venue of our next activity, the Meet and Greet.

Christy Wong

All hail King Julien!

From left: Helen Wu, Christy Wong, Joy Pamnani, Nola Yip, Kate Ng, Michele Chan and Elise Chen at King Julien's Jungle Hut

The flamboyant lemur monarch from Madagascar entertained children at King Julien's Jungle Hut. The Hut offered freshly made popcorn, fruit punch, and candy to the young ones. A staffer twisted and blew balloons in myriad shapes and sizes. This is an excellent way to kick off the wonderful journey of the DreamWorks Experience.

Elise Chen

Starstruck at the All Stars Parade

At 4pm, a parade featuring all the DreamWorks stars kicked off. There was plenty of dance, music and laughter. But we didn't just have to stand by and watch; we could sprint out and grab some DreamWorks characters for a quick photo! The performers were proactive. Not only did they dance and sing, but they also greeted us. They were real crowd-pleasers.

Helen Wu Yan-hang

The 15-minute Parade kicked off with uplifting music featuring clowns and stilt-walkers dressed in wonderfully colourful costumes. They welcomed us with the warmest smiles on Earth. Of course, popular DreamWorks characters were there, too. That made for another photo opportunity if you missed out on any pictures during the Meet and Greet session. The choreography, which involved up to 32 performers, was absolutely amazing.

Kate Ng

Themed fun aplenty

DreamWorks worked with a hotel to provide movie-themed rooms for guests. The place had it all, from themed bed covers and cushions to my favourite - a bathroom set, complete with themed soap. It was awesome. But the Wii in the children's room was the best. There were other themed poolside rooms, with beautiful wallpaper and tonnes of snacks and candies. They sure make great places to hide from the hot sun at the pool.

Sally Kim

Cuddles at Meet and Greet

The Meet and Greet took place at the Paradise Gardens of Sands Cotai Central - a lovely place with lots of different flowers. In the middle there was a fountain that shot out water to the beats of the background music. What a dazzling sight it was! On cue, some DreamWorks characters arrived to take photos with us. To our great delight, every one of us had the chance to cuddle our favourite characters and have our pictures taken with them. The DreamWorks staff dressed as the characters were really friendly. We could hold their hands, pat them and hug them!

Joy Pamnani

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