LP rock out to fan favourites

LP rock out to fan favourites


Chester Bennington hard at work
Chester Bennington hard at work
Photos: Warner Music
Last Thursday, US rock band Linkin Park made a triumphant return to Hong Kong on their Living Things tour. It may be the fourth time the band has played here, but this didn't lessen the enthusiasm of local fans who filled the 14,000 seats of the AsiaWorld-Arena, as well as the front section of the standing area.

The band kicked off with Faint, followed by the powerful Papercut, bringing the crowd to their feet. Next was Given Up, a perfect concert track as the intro calls for everyone to clap along before the vocals come in. Singer Chester Bennington screamed his way through the first two numbers; this song demands even more of his vocals, and he did not disappoint, coming through again and again with primal screams.

After that impressive display, Bennington took a break: the next track, With You, featured more rap than song, so the band's other vocalist Mike Shinoda took over. Taken from their first album Hybrid Theory, it was a blast from a past when Linkin Park were heavily influenced by hip hop. Shinoda rapped flawlessly while DJ Joe Hahn scratched along. When they jumped into mega hits Somewhere I Belong and New Divide, it seemed like the whole arena was singing along.

While I was enjoying rocking out to the older songs, I was wondering if they would play anything off the new album, Living Things. I got my answer as they launched into Victimize. Accompanied by nifty graphics in the background, Bennington perched on a podium, as Shinoda rapped below, a perfect picture of how these two have worked together throughout the years.

They closed with big hits Burn It Down, In The End and Bleed It Out, Bennington still having enough strength as his screams echoed throughout the arena.

Linkin Park know how to keep their fans happy with a generous dose of favourites and a sprinkling of newer songs. You know you've been to a good rock concert when you've lost your voice and your ears are still ringing 30 minutes after the show.

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