Get stuck in!

Get stuck in!

With a huge variety of mouth-watering offerings now on display at the Hong Kong Food Expo, we asked our readers what their favourite dish is. Here are their answers ...

1. Mamma mia!

Cannoli, an Italian dessert. It's a fried, tube-like pastry filled with sweetened, creamy ricotta cheese, and it melts in your mouth! It often contains chocolate chips, nuts, candied fruits and other delicious bits and bobs. They're hard to find in Hong Kong so every time I have one, it's for a special occasion. I absolutely love the different textures - the crunchy outer shell, and the smooth, sweet filling inside. Is your mouth watering yet?

Charlotte Chan, 14

2. Chocoholic

Chocolate. I love everything related to chocolate. From chocolate bars and chocolate chip cookies to chocolate milk ... there's nothing better than this candy! Some research also says it's good for your health and makes you smarter. True or not, I see it as another excuse to eat more chocolate!

Tacye Hong, 15

3. Cor, blimey!

British fish and chips. What better way to pass the summer in Old Blighty than sitting in a deck chair and watching the sunset, with some juicy fish and chips wrapped in crinkly newspaper? Bliss.

Cameron Tucker, 19

4. Big on burgers

Burgers. They have a bit of everything in them. Bread? Check. Veggies? Check. Meat? Check. They're also versatile - you can put anything between the two buns, and then add any number of dressings or garnishes. Burgers are definitely my favourite food of all time.

Jocelyn, 21

5. Something fishy

Fish ball noodles. And not just any fish ball noodles, but the ones in Kowloon City. I remember once when I had dental surgery, I could only eat porridge for a week. When I could finally eat solid food again, the first thing I had was fish ball noodles, and they tasted heavenly!

Ruby Leung, 16

6. Diving into dumplings

Chinese dumplings. Their skins are deliciously chewy and often transparent. What's more, you can put any fillings you like inside them. You can also steam them for a healthier, fresher way of cooking!

Nola Yip, 16

7. Chocolatey overload

Chocolate ice cream. If I could, I would eat only chocolate ice cream as often as I could. And I would add chocolate sprinkles and chocolate syrup, too! Can you tell I love chocolate?

Lyndon Fan, 13

8. Limitless love

Everything! From Hong Kong's Michelin-starred restaurants and street food to Young Post editor Sue's home-baked cupcakes and the Young Post team's snacks brought back from foreign countries, it's impossible to choose just one!

Dennis Goodboy

9. Basic is best

Char siu with rice. With its tender, juicy meat and delicious mix of sweetness and saltiness, it is truly the perfect dish! Add some vegetables, like bak choi, for the final touch.

Liam Fung, 11

10. I scream for ice cream

Ice cream! Why? Simply because it's summer, and ice cream is definitely the tastiest treat when you need to cool down!

Kelsi Lo Lok-sik, 13

Next week:

During the summer, the last thing on your mind might be working again. But having a summer job can be fun (like being a summer cadet at Young Post)! Meeting new people, gaining work experience, having a preview of "real life", and making some money is a great bonus. For our next Top 10, tell us what your dream summer job is and why. Send your response, together with your name, age and school, to with "Top 10: Summer Job" in the subject field.

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