'I' will reach into your heart

'I' will reach into your heart

Catchy and expressive, the songs on Ikimono-gakari's new album I will reach into your heart and soul.

Released last month, the Japanese pop-rock band's sixth studio album explores different emotions people will experience through life. From tracks of happiness and strength to those containing hints of sorrow and a sense of parting, this album is suitable for listening to at any time of day, whatever your mood.

The theme of love is touched upon in some of the songs making the album easy to relate to, whether or not you are in love.

The album includes Egao (Smile), a track what will feature in the next Pokemon film.

Vocals are by Kiyoe Yoshioka, accompanied by guitarist and band leader Yoshiki Mizuno as well as guitarist and harmonica player Hotaka Yamashita, three talented musicians who bring their own genius to the songs.

While the lyrics are in Japanese, even if you don't speak it, you'll understand the story and emotion behind each song.

YP Rating: 4/5

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