A passion for the printed word

A passion for the printed word


A passion for the printed word_L
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This film by director Yuya Ishii will be a treat for those who love words. The Great Passage tells the story of Majime (Ryuhei Matsuda), who works in a publishing house sales department. Because of his poor communication skills, the literature lover has difficulty meeting his sales quotas.

But when an editor resigns, Majime is offered a job in the dictionary department. The move is something of a rebirth. Then the department launches a new project: a unique dictionary titled The Great Passage, which will include 240,000 practical, trendy and common words.

The project is time-consuming and costly, but Majime loves it, even convincing the boss to keep it going by taking on extra duties. With the support of his girlfriend Kaguya (Aoi Miyazaki), Majime devotes himself to the years-long battle of completing the book.

The film offers a close look at the book production process, and its stunning complexity. Final editing can take up to two years, even with dozens of people working on the project.

This is not an action film, but the tension does build. Majime makes every effort to ensure his dictionary is accurate, working for days without stopping, and missing meals. He even chooses the paper it will be printed on, to make sure users will like it. His passion will touch your heart, and you'll cheer at every little success.

YP Rating: 4/5

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