Quest ends in disappointment

Quest ends in disappointment


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After retrieving Zeus' lightning bolt in the first film, in Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, the title character (Logan Lerman), the half-human son of Poseidon, embarks on a quest whose success will decide the future of his fellow demigods.

One day, Camp Half-Blood - a haven for demigods - is attacked by a fire-breathing beast. The camp is protected from such strikes by a magic tree that shields all inhabitants from the dangers of the outside world, but it has lost its power. Percy defeats the beast, but finds traces of the monster's poison on the tree.

Only one thing can heal it: the mythical Golden Fleece. Percy teams up with his friends, and sets sail for the Sea of Monsters. But as the pack proceeds, Percy discovers that his old enemy Lucas Castellan (Jake Abel) is the one behind all the evil deeds.

The books these films are based on have been let down by their on-screen counterparts since day one: they explain everything through dialogue, instead of visually. Percy Jackson could have been a thrilling fantasy. What the next chapter needs is an inspirational director to steer it in the right direction.

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