Splashing summer blast

Splashing summer blast


Neon Splash gets you and your friends super wet - a great, fun way to cool off!
Neon Splash gets you and your friends super wet - a great, fun way to cool off!
Photos: Ocean Park Hong Kong
Ocean Park is holding its Summer Splash 2013 until August 25, and activities include Hong Kong's first indoor fluorescent-themed water war game party. Our junior reporters went to try it out, sliding down a three-storey water slide and watching an aerial dance show. Ocean Park will extend its opening hours to 10pm on weekends, until Summer Splash ends.

Neon Splash

This is an indoor maze with bright, fluorescent colours and dubstep music that really gets your adrenaline rushing. Players are each given a foam water gun, which can be refilled at various points, and their aim is to get everyone else as wet as they can! What I enjoyed most were the surprise blasts of water that seemed to come out of nowhere. There is no better way to test your reflexes and get yourself fully soaked!

Crystal Tai Chung-yee

Before the game started, we had to wear protective goggles so that water wouldn't go directly into our eyes. Safety first! After that, each of us took a foam water gun and immediately started squirting one another. I was really impressed by the surroundings. The dark, mysterious atmosphere with neon lights on the walls made me feel as if I was in outer space. We were all soaked to the skin afterwards, which definitely helped us cool down in the hot summer weather.

Cammy Lam Sze-ning

Neon Splash is a battlefield with neon lights. The sign outside wasn't lying at all when it said: "In this activity, participants will get wet." Even if you managed to avoid getting sprayed by your friends, there were built-in sprinklers that sprayed water constantly, and hidden devices that would suddenly drench you. I loved the neon lights and the dark background. It was really fun, because the darkness meant you couldn't see where your opponents were shooting from. On a hot summer's day, this exhilarating, cooling shower was a welcome relief.

Kent De Jesus

Neon Splash had neon lighting, so if you wore white clothes, they turned fluorescent! Because of the dim light and foggy goggles, we shot each other without aiming, but this actually made things more fun and exciting. I couldn't help but laugh and scream as I got soaked.

Wayne Yuen Chun-wing

Aqua Battle Zone

This attraction is right next to Neon Splash, and features Crazy Water Slide and Water War. Crazy Water Slide is an eight-metre tall, inflatable water slide, which really gets your adrenaline flowing. Water War is, well, a water war ... between you and your friends, using water bombs. Think Angry Birds - you place a water bomb in a basket, pull it back, and swing the bomb across to soak your friends.

Jennifer Tang

There wasn't a big queue at the giant water slide at Aqua Battle Zone, so we ended up going twice! I was kind of scared at first - not only was it eight metres tall; it was also really steep. The scariest bit was sitting right on top when you know there's only one way to go, and that's down! But the staff members at the top were friendly and helpful, and all of a sudden, I was on my way! Needless to say, I didn't hesitate when it came to lining up again for a second turn ...

Doris Lam

Aqua Battle Zone's water slide really takes your breath away, and the Water War game was great fun! The staff working on the slide really took pleasure in spraying us with a hose, but that just added to the fun. The great thing about these attractions is that the queues are much shorter than for other activities, because they are simple and short. But that doesn't mean they are any less enjoyable!

Jade Lam

The Aerial Spectacular

This is a musical comedy performed by a team of professional aerial wall dancers. The story is about an adventurer and his teammates, who climb up to the top of a glacier with some help from the Polar Rangers. The show was exciting and fun, and the dancers' skill left me stunned. There was also great interaction between the performers and the audience. Getting the audience involved in the show definitely spiced up the act.

Jennifer Tang

Just next to the North Pole animal attraction was The Aerial Spectacular. During the show, two adventurers wearing furry hats and bulky clothing came on stage, did a funny dance, and invited a boy from the audience to come and join them. Then they dressed him up in clothing similar to theirs. As the show went on, I noticed people looking up towards the top of the North Pole attraction, where there was a person dressed in a penguin costume. I'm not one for spoilers, so I'll leave it there. But it's definitely worth watching!

Doris Lam

Just like its name, The Aerial Spectacular is simply an amazing spectacle! It tells the tale of an explorer and a penguin through skilled dancers who are suspended in mid-air. After the comical duo struggle to climb the face of a glacier, strong, heroic dancers come bouncing gracefully off the wall. The combo of funny, somersaulting adventurers and polished acrobatic routines was superb. I was truly impressed by the performers' agility - in spite of the heavy outfits they were wearing.

Jade Lam

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