Pioneer dance film wins praise

Pioneer dance film wins praise


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The Way We Dance is a ground-breaking film by director Adam Wong Sau-ping, who has created Hong Kong's first dance movie.

The film features the debuts of many dancers from the local hip-hop scene, including MCing, DJing, beatbox, graffiti and Parkour.

The movie centres on Fleur, played by Cherry Ngan, who grew up in a tofu shop. After she enrols at university, she becomes a supernova in the university dance crew named BombA, whose goal is to defeat their main rivals, the Rooftoppers, at a competition.

As Fleur works hard on her gift of dance, she starts to fall in love with Dave, the leader of the team, and the result is a love triangle that forces her to leave to join the Tai Chi Club, where she meets Alan (Babyjohn Choi).

Fleur learns tai chi from Alan, and the two fall in love and create a dance step they call "tai chi hip-hop". But Dave begs Fleur to return to the dance crew, and, well, you can figure out the rest.

Huge applause should go to the actors and dancers for their impressive work. The film deserves our support because it's a 100 per cent local production all about youth, love and passion.

YP Rating: 4/5

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