Smurfflick for the younger set

Smurfflick for the younger set


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The Smurfs' sequel is yet another fun rescue mission and more silly smurf words - smurfy, smurf-tiful, smurf-porunity and what-the-Smurf.

Smurfette (voiced by Katy Perry) - who learned kindness from all the other Smurfs in The Smurfs two years ago - once again questions her newly learnt kindness, imparted to her by Papa Smurf (Jonathan Winters). Meanwhile, evil magician Gargamel (Hank Azaria), who created Smurfette, is plotting to recapture her so that he can obtain the Smurfs' magical power and rule the world.

Vexy (Christina Ricci), one of Gargamel's Naughties, travels to the village and kidnaps Smurfette, leading the Smurfs to send a rescue unit to the human world, where they are reunited with the Winslow family.

Directed by Raja Gosnell, The Smurfs 2 can't be judged from an adult perspective on content. The 3-D version does have some impressive special effects, though.

The storyline is very simplistic compared with the ones from Pixar or Universal films, and it's hard not to become exasperated. But the film's target audience is young children who enjoy these blue creatures and their silly pranks; and the movie will get them to laugh and ask questions.

It may not be for you, but If you're looking for a summer blockbuster to take your younger cousin to, it may be a good choice.

YP Rating: 2/5

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