Fiendish fun with cupcakes

Fiendish fun with cupcakes


Junior reporters decorate their monstrous creations at the Hollywood Hotel in Hong Kong Disneyland.
Junior reporters decorate their monstrous creations at the Hollywood Hotel in Hong Kong Disneyland.
Photos: Jonathan Wong/SCMP
Hong Kong Disneyland is offering a "Monsters University Chef Lecture" at Disney's Hollywood Hotel. Participants can put on their Monsters University-themed aprons and chef's hats and learn to decorate Monsters, Inc.'s "Mike" and "Sulley" cupcakes.

Our junior reporters attended the lecture and got their hands and aprons covered in sweet cream. They were rewarded with two delicious cupcakes, a Monsters University Certificate and a lunch buffet at Chef Mickey.

Mike's cupcake

Before bringing Mike to life, we must be tidy and protect our clothing from delicious but sticky cream. Fortunately, we were given aprons and hats.

To make the cupcake, you'll need a bag of green tea butter cream icing for his green face (and head). This was the top of the cupcake and it was given to us separately from the lower part, so we could squeeze in some mango-flavoured filling for extra fruity taste. We used a plastic knife to even out the icing on top to create the smooth monster skin that Mike has.

After that, it was time to place a white chocolate button for his huge eye and a blue chocolate cap with the letter "M" to identify him as an official Monsters University student.

We then went back to the green icing and lightly squeezed a dot next to both sides of Mike's cap to create his horns. Lastly, we used a small bag of warm chocolate to draw his mouth and other details like his hands. With the piping bag, you can add anything you want to create your own scary or funny Mike Wazowski.

Doris Lam and Winnie Lee

Sulley's cupcake

The ingredients for the Sulley cupcake are blue and purple-coloured cream, strawberry-flavoured cream, a chocolate badge with "Sulley" written on it and two blueberries. To start with, we added the blue cream on top of the body, which was a green tea-flavoured cupcake. We used a piping bag which was really fun to use but difficult to get right. By drawing a large circle starting at the edge of the cupcake body, and slowly filling the circle in until the entire cupcake surface was blue, it already resembled the body of Sulley!

Next, we added huge purple dots on the cupcake for Sulley's spots. Afterwards, as the top and the base of the cupcake had been separated beforehand, we put in some strawberry-flavoured cream to enrich the taste. However, you mustn't be greedy and put too much or the cream will get squeezed out when you put the top and base together. The ideal size of the filling is the size of a five-dollar coin.

No one will realise that it is indeed Sulley until we add his face, which has already been conveniently printed on a chocolate badge. Before we placed it on top of the cupcake, we put two blueberries at the centre to support it so that the badge won't fall off.

After decorating this cupcake, we found that it was not merely finger food - it was also a piece of art for others to appreciate.

Helen Wong and Wendy Ki

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