Running from the heat

Running from the heat

Soaring summer temperatures have sent Hongkongers searching for ways to stay cool, indoors and out


Even in Sichan, people were feeling the heat.
Even in Sichan, people were feeling the heat.
Photo: AFP
Hongkongers sought ways to cool down as temperatures soared.

Temperatures over the past four days averaged 32.3 degrees Celsius - almost a degree above the average for this time of year - according to the Hong Kong Observatory. On Tuesday, the mercury climbed to 33.1 degrees Celsius.

"Hong Kong has been under the influence of a ridge of high pressure over the coast of South China, which usually brings fine weather," explained the observatory's senior scientific officer, Olivia Lee Shuk-ming.

The heat wave sent students in search of cooler places. Justin Law, of German-Swiss International School, went to the beach. "I went to Stanley Beach in the blazing heat last Sunday," he said.

Others have chosen to stay indoors to keep cool. "I sit on the floor at home instead of on the couch because it's cooler. I also use fever-cooling pads to cool down," said Jennifer Tang, of Carmel Secondary School.

Renaissance College's Jimmy Chu did not let the heat hamper his original plans. "I went cycling in Mui Wo on a sunny day. It was exhilarating," he said.

The heat is expected to subside as cyclone Jebi is nearing Hong Kong. Yesterday, the maximum temperature dropped to about 30 degrees Celsius. A Strong Wind Signal No 3 was issued yesterday afternoon.

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