Blood Lad (Anime)

Blood Lad (Anime)

Here's a twist: a vampire that's an otaku. In the new anime Blood Lad, a demon vampire's hobby is popular Japanese culture.

The show is based on the manga created by Yuuki Kodama and is serialised in the monthly manga anthology magazine Young Ace in Japan. The show revolves around a vampire named Staz, the leader of the district that he lives in in the demon dimension. District leaders are not chosen; they are an honour won in combat. To look at Staz, he seems like your basic disenfranchised young adult, who looks like he's skipped a few too many meals. But beneath his slender frame is a powerhouse that can take on any challenger with so much ease that battling is like an afterthought to what's really important to Staz, which is collecting all the latest anime and manga merchandise possible.

Things change when he meets his first human girl, Fuyumi, and bombards her with all sorts of questions about anime and manga. Unfortunately, Fuyumi is eaten by a carnivorous plant while Staz was defending his territory and she is now a ghost. Feeling responsible, Staz promises to bring her back to life. But how will he do this? And how did Fuyumi travel to the demon dimension?

For those interested in manga, the series has been licensed for distribution in English by Yen Press, but there's no word on when the first volume will be released. So, otakus, keep a look out for this show on a local anime channel.

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