Speedy snail a summer smash

Speedy snail a summer smash


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Colourful animation, thrilling race scenes and lots of laughter make Turbo a fast-paced blast.

Garden snail Theo (voiced by Ryan Reynolds) is a racing fanatic. We all know that snails move very slowly. However, a sudden spurt of "evolution" brings Theo super power - going even faster than race cars.

After an accident, Theo and his brother Chet (Paul Giamatti) are kicked out by their colleagues on the snails' tomato harvesting team. They are then caught by "Taco Boy" Tito, and the young Mexican helps Theo enter the Indianapolis 500, a famous racing championship. The souped-up Theo, now known as Turbo, becomes a hit on social media. He's able to set up a blistering battle of "snail versus machine".

I am quite familiar with the Indianapolis track as I frequently race on it - in Real Racing 3 on my smartphone. Turbo was even more exciting than playing video games. Many of you will be searching for racing-related games after this blockbuster.

With excellent 3-D effects, Turbo is ideal for car racing fans who are still too young to watch Fast and Furious.

YP Rating: 4/5

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