Campus wish

Campus wish

Monday, July 15, was an important date for some of our readers. It was the day the HKDSE examination results were released, taking many students a step closer to university. For this week's Top 10, we asked our readers what they look forward to most at university. Here are their answers ...

1. Some science fun

I love science, and when we do science experiments in my secondary school, we rarely get any significant results. My chemistry teacher said it's not because we messed up, but because it's only a high school experiment and our equipment isn't good enough! At university, I'll finally be able to do some real experiments and get real results!

Harry Cheng, 17

2. Timely move

As a university student, I'll finally have time to find what my passions are and try out different things like horse-riding. In secondary school, I haven't had time for such hobbies.

Kate Ng, 17

3. Lone study

Most secondary schools require students to simply recite everything in their textbooks for exams. I'm looking forward to the freedom to study in my own way and explore outside the syllabus. I want to do some independent studying!

Janet Choi Ho-ching, 17

4. Campus wonders

I love university campuses, from ones that look like they're straight out of Harry Potter to cute and cosy small colleges where everyone knows each other. I can't wait to wander around a campus, meet new friends and explore together!

Winnie Lee Wing-yee, 18

5. A taste of adulthood

Ah, all those social gatherings and parties at university! There are so many of them from commencements to dorm parties! Dressing up nice and socialising, I'll feel like an adult! Can't wait!

Nola Yip, 16

6. Hall life

I love the rich traditions of different halls. I'll definitely partake in them. It may be hard to wake up early morning for our hall cheers, but it'll be worth it. Can't wait to meet my future hallmates!

Michele Chan, 13

7. Start a band

I'll start a band that will become the next Coldplay or Pink Floyd. Both these bands started off at London universities and went on to gain global fame. University seems to give people a chance to discover what they really want to do.

Jade Lam, 16

8. Freedom

I'm looking forward to living in a foreign country where there's less air pollution than in Hong Kong. As a bonus, I won't have my parents nag me constantly with "Eat your vegetables!" or "Clean up your room!" It'll also be cool to whip out my credit cards and use them. I'll feel so rich!

Stacey Chan, 14

9. Cultural tourism

I look forward to meeting fellow students from all over the globe and getting to understand their different cultures. Seeing and meeting people from everywhere would make me feel I'm on holiday at a tourist hotspot!

Christine Vicera, 16

10. The whole nine yards

Everything! I can't just pick one! I can't wait for all the amazing things I'll be able to do. Learning from distinguished professors, joining various clubs and societies, going on exchange trips to exotic places ... the list goes on!

Joy Pamnani, 14

Next week:

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