The Great Gatsby soundtrack offers swinging songs for every ear [Review]

The Great Gatsby soundtrack offers swinging songs for every ear [Review]


The novel was tantalising, the movie breathtaking, but the Gatsby experience would be incomplete without this diverse soundtrack album.

Masterminded by Jay-Z and featuring artists from a plethora of genres, The Great Gatsby OST includes songs that represent themes of love, murder, desire for money and pleasure, and the corruption of the American dream.

A Little Party Never Killed Nobody combines soothing jazz-age saxophone, reminiscent of the Charleston, with modern beats and space-esque synths. It's hard not to dance to! Other great R'n'B contributions include Jay-Z's 100$ Bill and the haunting Back to Black by Andre 3000 and Beyonce.

Lana Del Rey's Young and Beautiful starts out as a promising ballad about the beauty of youth, but loses its magic in an unappealing bridge towards the end. Emeli Sande's jazz twist on Beyonce's Crazy in Love also fails to impress. The star vocal piece comes from Florence and the Machine's Over the Love. Florence Welch's enormous vocal range and long, high, powerful notes are guaranteed to give you goosebumps.

There's also a jazz orchestral piece to get you into the swing. As the album aims to contain songs for every ear, you may find that not every track appeals to you. However, it will introduce listeners to different styles of music.


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