Reflective soloist strikes chord

Reflective soloist strikes chord

After Passenger, a two-piece British folk rock group, broke up, Mike Rosenberg was left alone as vocalist and songwriter.

All The Little Lights was released in 2012. It's a collection of powerful songs, with Rosenberg's voice charmingly thin, the tone calm, and the lyrics witty.

Things That Stop You Dreaming is a good place to start. "Well if you can't get what you love, you learn to love the things you've got" reveals Rosenberg's outlook on life. The song sends a message to be grateful for what we have, especially if we live in such a materialistic city as Hong Kong.

Another reflective number is Let Her Go. With its light rhythm and moving melody, it's easy to pick up the lyrics and get lost in the song's story. The message? When things fade, you realise what you miss.

"Only know you hate the road when you're missing home", sings Rosenberg. So, cherish what you have now and live life to the full!

The album ends with I Hate, which is a list of people and things that Rosenberg doesn't like. This includes social media like Facebook, people in night clubs and people who smoke. Despite the negative title, it's actually pretty funny, so the album ends on a cheerful tone.

YP Rating: 3/5

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