Repetitive debut still charms

Repetitive debut still charms

Tom Odell, a British 22-year-old singer-songwriter, rose to fame last year. His debut album, Long Way Down, is packed with soulful songs written by the young musician. All his songs rely on the piano and guitars, which amplifies the album's indie-pop and folk vibe.

The first single, Can't Pretend, boasts a slightly upbeat melody, making it stand out with its deeply layered harmonies, which offer a beautifully haunting mix. Odell's powerful vocals are a perfect match for the moody lyrics.

Another Love shows the boyish-looking performer has a knack for creating catchy music without needing to use electronic gizmos. The song brings a fresh sound to an otherwise somewhat repetitive album.

Odell's album is slightly off the beaten path of synth-heavy mainstream pop, which will make it appeal to indie-pop fans. Its mix of slow, melancholy songs and slightly more upbeat, but still sad, songs, Long Way Down doesn't offer much variety. But some of the tracks stand out with their moving lyrics and melodies.

YP Rating: 3/5

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