Textbook bias?

Textbook bias?


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Discrimination and stereotyping by Hong Kong students are largely caused by the textbooks they read and whose content they accept without questioning, said leading professors at a Baptist University symposium on Friday.

Dr Liz Jackson and Dr Yanju Shao of the University of Hong Kong discussed how ethnic minorities are portrayed in the local curriculum.

"In liberal studies textbooks, there are often cartoons of Pakistanis saying that they are sad and bullied, and terrorists are often drawn as Muslims," Jackson said after doing an analysis on four textbooks used in the senior forms of secondary schools.

"But why are these people portrayed as terrorists and victims of bullies? Why not people of other nationalities and ethnic minorities in Hong Kong?"

Although Hong Kong enjoys a high reputation worldwide in education, the symposium's aim was to bring academics and students together to address issues regarding ethnicity and inequality.

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