Classy place that gives you creeps

Classy place that gives you creeps


(From left) Kate Ng, Ruthie Joe-Laidler, William Cheng, Minnie Yip and Nola Yip meet Mike and Sulley at the Monsters University Administration Building
(From left) Kate Ng, Ruthie Joe-Laidler, William Cheng, Minnie Yip and Nola Yip meet Mike and Sulley at the Monsters University Administration Building
Photos: William Cheng
Disney's cartoon Monsters University, the highly anticipated prequel to Monsters Inc, starring two monsters - the giant, furry blue James P. "Sulley" Sullivan and small, green, one-eyed Mike Wazowski - opens in Hong Kong cinemas today. To celebrate, Hong Kong Disneyland is offering visitors a glimpse of campus life with Monsters University-themed attractions until September 1.

From a personalised Monsters University student card to "Mike Cotton Candy" and "Sulley's Blue Frightener" drink, our junior reporters were among the first people at the Monsters University Orientation Day. Here's what they experienced.

Put on your scariest face

Kate, William, Nola, Minnie and Ruthie inside the Monsters University Administration Building.

At the "Monsters University Administration Building", we entered a room where we could take our student card photos. It is important that you make scary faces, since you're going to attend one of the top scare schools, Monsters University.

If you do not want to scare the people behind you with your scary faces, or avoid embarrassing yourself with your weak attempts, don't worry. You can simply pull the bright red curtains behind you and release your inner monster in private!

When you're making faces, try to be as scary as Sulley, the giant blue monster, since he's truly frightening. But if you are short like Mike and afraid the camera will take a picture of only the top of your head - see Mike's student card - don't worry.

The admissions office fixed the problem by installing two cameras at different levels - one set at medium height and the other low for short monsters and little children.

We were even allowed to take two photos, just in case we didn't look fabulous enough the first time.

There are four student card designs to choose from - from a formal blue-white university crest to the colourful campus background, it's up to you.

Your name, student ID and photo is printed on the card to prove your identity as a genuine scare student at this top-level scare school.

Ruthie Joe-Laidler

Draw on inspiration

After we'd got our student cards and eaten our lunch, we no longer had any excuses not to go to class.

So off we went to learn how to draw the character Mike Wazowski at "The Art Club" - previously known as "Animation Academy". We knew we were in good hands.

The teacher was able to show us how to draw not only Mike, but also many other Disney and Pixar characters. It was an educational and entertaining class, where we were graded by our peers on how well we drew Mike.

William Cheng

Academic connection

Hong Kong Disneyland's Monster University theme this summer offers the perfect chance to get reacquainted with the original 2001 film Monsters Inc's two main characters, Sulley and Mike.

The theme park recreates the feel of Monsters University with noticeboards, class photos, a bookshelf full of books - and even a tuck shop. The atmosphere felt extremely academic - connecting teenagers with their future and adults to their past school life. If only real-life universities were all about learning scaring techniques!

Taking part in Monsters University Orientation Day made me reflect on my current school life. Hong Kong students are often said to get too stressed - either because of pressure from themselves, or their parents. Some scholars also criticise Hong Kong parents as "monsters", because they are over-protective about their children and often focus only on academic results.

Minnie Yip

Eat a Monster burger

Trying to be scary is tough and tiring work, and with our stomachs grumbling from hunger - not from fear - what could be better to eat than a delicious burger ... with the Mike Wazowski-shaped bun!

The burger has everything for a growing, up-and-coming top scarer, with healthy lettuce and tomato, chicken (so that you won't be a "chicken" yourself), and a Mike-shaped bun, which surprisingly tastes just like dim sum buns.

The burger comes in a combo with a Monsters University-themed lunch box, a lanyard for your new student card, and a coaster (again, shaped like Mike).

Though Sulley is a better scarer than Mike, Mike won this round with a totally Mike-themed lunch set!

Kate Ng

Frightening delights

After a nice lunch, the heat of summer calls for something to cool things down. Cue some great Monsters University-themed snacks and summer drinks.

There is cotton candy available in the shape of the spherical monster, Mike. Mike Cotton Candy is a light green colour, complete with his single eye. But you'd better gobble it up quickly, or else it'll melt; Mike's melted face will look even scarier than his usual face!

There are lots of Monster summer drinks available, too, to help quench your thirst. There's "Staring Mike", which is completely green and has a small Mike on top, trying to be scary; "Sulley's Blue Frightener", which looks really cool with its beautiful blue colour and cream on top; "Squishy's Shake", which looks really cute with its short cup and light pink colour; and - my favourite - "Corner Cafe Popcorn Carnival", which comes with popcorn on top!

Nola Yip

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