Monster hit proves school's cool

Monster hit proves school's cool


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Fans of 2001's Monsters, Inc. know Mike (Billy Crystal) and Sully (John Goodman) are best pals. After a 12-year wait, we get Monsters University, the prequel to one of Disney's most-loved animations, to see where the two monsters met.

Mike, the one-eyed, little green one, has never been taken seriously, despite having wanted to become a scary monster since he was a child.

To pursue his dream, Mike works hard to get into Monsters University, where razor-toothed Sullivan is in his class. But his first day is enough to teach him he won't make it as a qualified scarer.

When Mike and Sully are kicked out of the school's scare programme for misbehaviour, and the only way back in is to win a competition for being frightening, the pair team up and train together to achieve their goals.

Pixar deserves a thumbs-up for its amazing animation work and attention to detail. The vivid array of creative characters are a joy to behold.

Although the film is all about the university life of fictional monsters, the look and feel resembles the life of a real student. The classic buildings and rambling campus are reminiscent of an Ivy League university.

It is the sort of detail that makes this world of monsters unique. Once again, Pixar has created a movie which is well worth waiting all those years.

YP Rating: 4/5

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