Next steps to success

Next steps to success

Now the HKDSE is over, it's time to think about degree choices. YP cadet Ng Lok-yan gets some advice from the experts


The Main Building at the University of Hong Kong
The Main Building at the University of Hong Kong
Photo: Jonathan Wong/SCMP
With the HKDSE results due to be released soon, many candidates may feel lost about their direction in life. Young Post talked to university admissions experts about making the right choice for Jupas applications. If your exam results are below expectations, it is not the end of the world - there are many ways that you can still get a place at university.


Rearrange your top Jupas choices

For Bands A1 and A2, choose programmes that you love, but for which you are not certain that you will meet the entrance requirements. For Band A3, select a course that you like and for which you are sure you will meet the requirements.


Stick to your interests

Some students enrol in a major they have no interest in, simply because they think they're likely to get in. If you do not enjoy what you study, you will end up wasting four years. Transfers to other departments are not that easy, and you usually need strong results to get a transfer (which is not usually the case with students taking subjects they have no interest in).


Make your major a success

When deciding on a major, ask yourself what opportunities it will bring. Can you outpace others to get places on internships and exchange programmes? Simply getting into university is not enough; you have to take maximum advantage of those four years to ensure that you will have a successful career after graduation.


Prepare for interviews

Students whose results are a little short of the entrance requirements may be invited to an interview to prove they are worthy of a place at university. Look up faculty websites and online forums to find out what kind of graduates a university is looking for. Learn more about the university, and show that you're passionate about your programme. Read more English newspapers to improve your general knowledge. It's likely you will be asked to discuss a social issue in English as part of the interview.


Think twice before repeating

Ask yourself if the HKDSE is the right system for you, and if you are likely to do any better the second time around. If not, other modes of learning, such as an associate degree or higher diploma, might be a better way to earn you a university place through a non-Jupas scheme, after two years.

Advice from senior teaching fellow Alex Tham Koy-siong, who is responsible for admissions at City University of Hong Kong, and Josephine Kea, Academic Director of Business Administration Discipline, Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education




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