Killing zombies with humour

Killing zombies with humour


World War Z Movie_L
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Many zombie movies are horror films, but not World War Z, which is a fusion of action and comedy.

Featuring Brad Pitt as retired United Nations investigator Gerry Lane, this 116-minute thriller has a great structure that builds up the tense atmosphere.

A sudden "zombie virus" pandemic breaks out worldwide. Infected people die, become zombies in seconds and bite others to spread the disease.

Lane, his wife and two daughters were rescued by the US government, but he must join the mission to find the source of the virus to keep his loved ones safe.

Predictably, Lane faces all manner of horrifying and adrenaline-raising battles with the zombies. But this is one of the film's strengths - although Lane is fighting for his family, the story doesn't drown in "family love" mushiness.

Director Marc Forster does a good job balancing the nail-bitingly tense scenes with some hilarious moments. A lot of audience members were giggling throughout, in a way reminiscent to another of this year's zombie flicks, Warm Bodies, which was received well. Both prove there can always be more than just killing and blood in a zombie film.

The only criticism is the use of 3D effects, which didn't stand out. When you have an action film with planes, cars, and flying zombies, they need to.

YP Rating: 4/5

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