Captivating, nostalgic tale

Captivating, nostalgic tale

Russian director Pavel Ruminov's moving film, I'll Be Around, recently hit the big screens in Hong Kong as part of the city's first-ever Russian Film Festival.

Single mother Inna (Maria Shalaeva) leads a happy life with her son Mitya (Roma Zenchuk). But their world turns upside down when Inna is diagnosed with brain cancer. Not wanting to leave Mitya orphaned, she produces DVDs for her son to give to married couples, in search of foster parents for her boy.

Mitya moves in with his newfound parents, while Inna courageously faces death on her own. The movie takes viewers on an intimate journey of departure.

Ruminov crafts a heart-breaking story. Most of the nostalgic, depressing moments are skilfully expressed visually - with impressive and minimalistic shots, rather than cheesy lines.

The acting is superb, making everything very believable. From love to envy, Shalaeva is a mother deteriorating from disease, who bravely gives her only son away.

I'll Be Around effortlessly breaks people's hearts. The visually-rich foreign-language film offers much that Hollywood directors could learn from.

YP Rating: 4/5

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