Young, but she's got power

Young, but she's got power

This 20-year-old English girl is definitely more than just an internet sensation - she has the ability to sing, play instruments and write songs.

Gabrielle Aplin shot to fame after her cover of The Power of Love was used in a British TV ad. After putting out three EPs, Aplin released her debut two-CD album English Rain, featuring 18 acoustic, almost anthemic, ballads.

First single Please Don't Say You Love Me boasts a slightly upbeat melody, with a dash of emptiness. Aplin's mesmerising vocals are a perfect match in this love song asking for people not to say "I love you" too quickly.

The soothing, goosebump-inducing How Do You Feel Today? allows Aplin to show off her impressive vocal range, yet steer clear of hijacking the song's mood with an overly powerful voice, something many singers fail to do.

The album appeals mostly to diehard country music fans, and doesn't offer much variety. But in terms of quality and appeal, Aplin surely exceeds what is expected of a 20-year-old newcomer.

YP Rating: 3/5

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