About love, but not to be loved

About love, but not to be loved

When singer Noel Gallagher left Oasis in 2009 amidst a nasty fight with his brother and bandmate Liam, it was the end of the popular Brit band. But the other three members wanted to continue to make music together; so they formed a new group called Beady Eye.

BE is the band's second album following 2011's Different Gear, Still Speeding. On first listen, the record is quite dull, with unvaried rhythms and tunes. Even the lyrics are repetitive. But after listening a little more, it grows on you. The album has an easy, swaying rhythm, which you gradually relax in to.

In Off at the Next Exit, there's a feeling of desperation about love and interdependence. "The more I get you near, the more you fade away" aptly describes the complex interpersonal relationship between people growing tired of each other.

Although the album is not outstanding, it has entertainment value. The lyrics epitomise romantic fantasies, which stir the imaginations of the songs' listeners. The tracks are relaxing, and reminiscent of some Oasis numbers. Oasis followers should not miss this album; but there's not much in it for non Oasis fans.

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