Singer unmasked

Singer unmasked

Mystery performer Lung Siu-kwan finally reveals her real face in public to quell non-stop rumours


Lung Siu-kwan sings without her mask for the first time since she started performing a year ago.
Lung Siu-kwan sings without her mask for the first time since she started performing a year ago.
Photo: Chris Lau/SCMP
The guessing game is over. A teacher-turned-singer who gained fame for always wearing a mask during performances has revealed her true identity.

Lung Siu-kwan, who has been profiled in Young Post before, took off her mask to loud cheers in front of fans, camera crews and passers-by last Saturday at Sai Yeung Choi Street in Mong Kok.

The visibly emotional singer said she had to reveal herself because her anonymity had caused trouble for other people who had been mistaken for her.

She said she had decided to take her mask off after meeting a hearing-impaired fan. "[The person] appreciates my songs by the lyrics I write," she said.

If she took off her mask, the singer added, her fan could at least see her facial expressions during a show. But in an emotional voice, the singer reminded the public that the message behind her initial decision to don a mask should not be forgotten. The ex-teacher stressed that people should not be judged by their looks.

She added that wearing a mask in the city's scorching heat was also an obstacle during her concerts. In an earlier interview with Young Post, the singer revealed that the mask she wore during performances had affected her health. Her infected lungs had not been able to heal well because of a lack of good air ventilation.

"I got better after switching to a lighter mask from that [original] cartoon mask," she told Young Post yesterday.

Lung has performed at many schools since she kick-started her singing career a year ago.

A pro-democracy advocate, she also performed onstage during last year's rowdy protests against national education.

"I will continue to go to schools to perform and speak," she said.

"It is important for students to remember they should pursue what they want, without giving in to peer pressure and to expectations from parents."

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