Script: Listening Exercise 183

Script: Listening Exercise 183


Voice: Jason worked in the Hong Kong offices of an international bank since he left university. Last year, he got the chance to transfer to the bank's offices in London and work there for three years. He moved to London a month ago, and he is currently living in an apartment that the bank’s human resources department found for him.

Jason works long hours and doesn't have time to clean the apartment himself. He has decided to employ a domestic helper. This morning he is interviewing alady called Marina who has answered the ad he placed in a local newspaper. Listen to the interview and then answer the questions.

Jason: Right, as you can see my apartment isn't very big. Besides the room we’re in now, there are two bedrooms, a bathroom, a separate toilet, the hallway and the kitchen. That’s all. But I don't want to spend my free time cleaning so that is why I decided to advertise for some domestic help.

Marina: Yes. I didn't see your ad myself. It was a friend who gave me the details. She knew I was looking for a few extra hours work and thought I would be interested. So I gave you a call.

Jason: I must say, you speak very good English.

Marina: Thank you. We’ve lived in the UK for about fifteen years. We moved here because of my husband's job. Since the kids started school, I've had various part-time jobs. I've brought some references with me.

Jason: Thank you. I'll take a look at them later. Do you live in the area?

Marina: Yes. I live about two kilometres away. I took the bus to get here this morning.

Jason: Ok, great. Let me explain what I want. I'd want you to work for one session of three hours. It doesn’t matter to me whether that’s a morning or an afternoon - whatever fits in with your schedule. The work would be general domestic cleaning. But every two weeks, I’d want you to do some ironing for me. Obviously I wear a clean shirt every day to work, and I manage myself to do the washing once a fortnight, but I’m awful at ironing. I also like my bedding ironed, but I struggle to do it.

Marina: No problem. I actually find doing the ironing quite relaxing.

Jason: Do you have any other part-time jobs?

Marina: Yes. Two evenings a week I clean some offices near home. I work seven until nine. On Wednesday mornings, I work at an old people's home for three hours. Again, it's general cleaning, and sometimes I help in the kitchen if they are short-staffed. And Friday mornings, I clean the home of an elderly gentleman who can't get out of the house very easily. I sometimes do the supermarket shopping for him.

Jason: Okay. Let's discuss money. I don't know what the going rate is per hour for domestic help. You can fill me in on that one. Would you be interested in working for me? It sounds as if you are the ideal person. What do you think? Would it suit you and fit in with your schedule. The job is yours if you want it. Is there anything you'd like to ask me before you make up your mind?


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