009 Re: Cyborg (anime)

009 Re: Cyborg (anime)

Shotaro Ishinomori's classic sci-fi manga, Cyborg 009, gets a 21st century anime makeover in director Kenji Kamiyama's 2012 feature-length film 009 Re: Cyborg.

International cyborgs, created to protect the world, reunite to stop a group of bombers who are intent on bringing down the world's skyscrapers one by one.

There's no clear organisation responsible for the bombings, although there are rumours that the US is behind the attacks. Cyborg 002, aka Jet Link, works for the NSA, the US intelligence agency, and he believes the bombings are being masterminded by a defence contractor looking to make billions of dollars from the chaos.

However, another theory suggests a higher power is behind the madness - witness accounts reveal some bombers were heard saying, "I must obey The Voice".

So who is to blame - the US, a contractor or a celestial being?

The film had a limited release in Hong Kong last November with sadly no no noticeable advertising.

Fortunately, the DVD and Blu-ray versions were released in Japan on Friday. The deluxe Blu-Ray edition contains two bonus discs, plus two books of production sketches and notes. It will also come with a new, original, one-shot manga by Kamiyama, with illustrations by Sugar Sato.

Fingers crossed Hong Kong also gets this same deluxe edition.

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