Reminder to hold on to youth

Reminder to hold on to youth

The directional debut of Chinese actress and pop singer Zhao Wei is an impressive romantic drama. Set in a university on the mainland, So Young explores ordinary encounters of everyday life. But this is in no way a criticism; rather, it almost ensures the audience will relate to the storyline.

So Young is about love, but not syrupy, sugary romance. It conveys profound messages about teenage love surpassing time and space. Each character has a distinct personality, but the variety in traits blends beautifully and enriches the plot.

Throughout the film, the outgoing, childlike Zheng Wei (Yang Zishan) boldly declares her feelings for potential partners. This mimics the behaviour of many girls today who believe "now is the right time for love". As circumstances change and boyfriends become fickle, Zheng, with the help of supportive friends, realises both she and her boyfriend value themselves more than their relationship.

The essence of teenage love is perfectly handled. So Young is a must-watch for all, young or young-at-heart, and a reminder not to let youthfulness slip away.

YP Rating: 4/5

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