Script: Listening Exercise 182

Script: Listening Exercise 182


Voice: If you are in charge of organising a social event such as a party or a barbecue, the first thing you have to do is work out a detailed plan. Everyone has to be clear about what is going to happen otherwise it will all end in chaos. The girls in Kate's office have put her in charge of organising a surprise fiftieth birthday party for their boss. Ken is in charge of organising an end-of-term barbecue for his classmates.

Kate: Now, here's the plan. The most important thing is that Mr Jones doesn’t hear anything about the party. It has to be a total surprise. So, no whispering in corners or talking about it when he might be in ear-shot. No one must even mention to him that we know it's his birthday. His wife is cooperating with us and she will go along with the plan to totally surprise him. She's told him that they are going to have a quiet dinner at home on his birthday. So, mum's the word!

My friend Sally is going to arrive at reception at five thirty exactly. She is going to pretend that she's an angry client and is going to demand to see Mr Jones. Sally is an excellent actress and will do this brilliantly. Reception will call Mr Jones and he will have to go downstairs. That's when we move into action and Mrs Jones joins us. She will have arrived here earlier.

We will blow up balloons, and get out the birthday banners and decorate the office. We’ll get champagne and glasses out, too. I've arranged for the party food to be delivered at 5.40 and it will be brought to the back door. One of you will go down and collect it – Mabel, maybe you can do that. Sally will keep Mr Jones occupied for twenty minutes and then let him go. Just imagine his surprise when he walks back into the office!

Ken: Now, here's the plan. During the next couple of days, Kevin will ask everyone if they’re coming to the barbecue and take their names. But names will not go on the list until each person has paid his or her fifty dollars. Kevin will let everyone know when final numbers have to be in. After that, the list will be closed. No late-comers! I have already booked the barbecue site. It's ours for the Saturday evening from six onwards. I will buy the food – meat, salads and crisps. Peggy and Jon are in charge of getting the charcoal. I didn't realise we have to provide our own, but we do. Paul is in charge of buying and bringing the drinks. I think that's everything covered. Now, all we've got to do is turn up on Saturday night and enjoy ourselves. It's up to each person to sort out how they get to the barbecue. Right, that's the plan. Is everyone clear on what’s happening?


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