If Dad was a food item or dish ...

If Dad was a food item or dish ...

For our recent Father's Day contest, we asked our readers to tell us what their father would be if he were a food item or dish. We received a number of entries but unfortunately we could only choose two winners. Here are some of the other creative and sweet entries.

Happy Father's Day to all the great dads out there!

If my dad was a dish, what would he be? Instant noodles because he is always there for me. No matter if I have to go hospital or wherever, my dad would stop whatever he is doing and would bring me there on my wheelchair. I love my dad!


My dad is like a plate of Fish and Chips. Why? Because this dish is extremely simple with only two ingredients - battered fish and deep-fried chips. Just like my dad who is extremely simple in his leisure time, there are only two things he loves doing, watching sports and playing sports. Most importantly, this is my dad’s favorite dish in the whole wide world!

Chelsea Clements

My dad would be Vindaloo, a spicy Indian dish. The meat used in the dish is marinated in chili, making it increasingly sharp. It represents him because of his short-temper. However, his anger melts easily. He might be scary at times but he is caring, just like Vindaloo is spicy but amazingly delicious as well.

Sukhpreet Kaur

If my dad was a food item, he would definitely be good old fashioned toast. Simple and laidback, but can be adventurous! Comforting and of course - everyone loves him.

Ruthie Joe-Laidler

Not a lot of people like durians, which is just like my dad. He has these thorns to protect him from annoying coworkers, but when you get to know him, he's as sweet as the insides of a durian. Yummsies. And I love durians like how I love my dad.

Mimi Lam

Kary Lui Kei-ying

If my father were a food item, he would be a candy called ‘Sour Lemon’.

Although it is extremely sour when I first put it into my mouth, it becomes sweet afterwards and it makes me feel happy! I think my dad is this kind of candy because he always gives me surprise and he really cares about me a lot!


If I have to choose a food item to represent my Dad, it has definitely to be pizza. Pizza is hard and crunchy on the outside but soft and tender on the inside. My dad is a stern person - he looks strict and acts strict. He would never express his care for me explicitly. However, he secretly asks mum about me every night. When I am not doing well, he would leave an anonymous note of encouragement. And I always know it's him!


I think my dad would be tofu, because he is tender and flexible. Tofu is nutritious and can be cooked in different ways. It can come as refreshing salad, deep-fried snacks, steamed ones or even sweetened dessert. My father takes care of me gently and he always surprises me.

Ruby Au Yeung

To be honest, I feel like I have a piece of cheese as my father. Cheese smells awkward, as awkward as the words he gives me. But once I taste it very seriously, I discover its rich flavour - and it (they) can be valuable.

Ivy Leung

If my dad were to be a food item, he would be a durian - he may be prickly and rough on the outside, but he's soft and gooey on the inside, and is definitely an acquired taste. And he also smells like one too!

Eugenie Kwan

Armaan Dayal

Ananye Dayal

I would say my dad is a bamboo. Bamboos are slender and that is exactly my dad's figure. They are also tough on the surface, my dad never show his weak side if he has one. Most importantly, bamboos are sweet, and I would say my dad's kisses are even sweeter!

Minnie Yip


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