Look like a million bucks

Look like a million bucks

John Kang gets some advice from the maker of a diamond-encrusted suit


The Million Dollar Suit features gold threads and diamonds.
The Million Dollar Suit features gold threads and diamonds.
Photo: Thomas Yau/SCMP
It's quite possible you've never needed a suit. After all, it's the uniform of businessmen, not students. But it's likely that you will need to wear one some day. If you have a graduation dinner, or job interview, a suit is the best outfit. If you're heading to university next year, it's definitely a useful item to have in your wardrobe - you never know when you may need to smarten up.

Tailor Arshad Mahmood, owner of Tsim Sha Tsui's Apsley Tailors and creator of a HK$1 million suit (see below), is an expert when it comes to giving advice on choosing a suit. His clients include Premier League footballers and royalty, so Young Post readers are in good hands. Here are his top suit tips.

- Whether you have a suit tailored for you, or get one ready-made, choose one that fits nicely. You may tend to buy clothes a couple of sizes bigger so that you can grow into them, or not replace clothes that are too small. But that doesn't work with a suit - you can't treat it the way you would treat pyjamas or gym wear.

- Play it safe; Mahmood recommends a "classic style of single-breasted, two-buttoned suit". He also recommends a jacket with narrow lapels, as they make the wearer look taller and slimmer.

- Pick slim trousers without pleats or turn-ups.

- Shoulder pads should follow your natural shape - not make you look unnaturally bulky.

- Instead of belt loops, get your trousers made with adjustable side tabs, which mean you don't need to wear a belt, and can just tighten the waist band on either side.

- Once you have your jacket on, only do up one button, even if you have two or more.

- When you sit down:

    Undo the jacket or else you will stretch it.

    Pull out your shirt sleeves so that half a centimetre of shirt is visible.

And a final tip: "Once you're wearing a suit, be a gentleman, because you'll look like one."

Million-dollar suit-maker

You might not have heard Arshad Mahmood's name before, but you're sure to have heard of some of his clients who include Premier League football clubs Fulham and West Ham, the 2022 World Cup and Formula One driver Adrian Sutil.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Mahmood is the owner and master tailor of Punjab House and Apsley Tailors. Young Post's exclusive interview took place in Punjab House, which is a real treat for football fans. The walls are filled with photos of Mahmood and football stars: Manchester United's Rio Ferdinand, Napoli boss Rafa Benitez, and England team manager Roy Hodgson.

Mahmood tailors suits for the best of the best, and his recently designed Million Dollar Suit, made for display in his new store, is the cream of his CV. The suit features 22 carat gold woven into the fabric, and more than 200 diamonds integrated into the buttons and finishing.

Mahmood said people might think he was crazy to make such an expensive suit with no guarantee he would sell it. He says: "You have to trust yourself, you have to trust your work, and ... trust yourself that you are going to do something crazy."

His confidence paid off, literally, as the suit was sold immediately after it was showcased in his store. Unsurprisingly, the buyer, a businessman, wishes to remain anonymous.

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