Majestic Prince (Anime)

Majestic Prince (Anime)

The new anime space opera Majestic Prince features lots of mecha - piloted, armed-robot - action as a band of teenagers fight alien forces.

It is the creation of Rando Ayamine, whose previous work was the popular manga, and later anime, GetBackers. But this time Rando has teamed up with artist Hikaru Niijima to create an entirely different show from GetBackers.

Majestic Prince is set in the year 2110, when humans have started to explore and colonise space in the search for new resources. However, their migration into space is being halted by an advanced alien race known as the Wulgaru. Although the Wulgaru have fewer forces, they are so technologically advanced that Earth's forces are slowly being pushed back.

In an attempt to defeat them, genetically advanced children are enrolled into the armed forces. They are trained specifically to fight by piloting the mechanised robots. Team Rabbit is formed of once such group of teenagers. But they're considered far from the best trainees: their nickname is "Team Fail". The team, led by Izuru Hitachi, have different outstanding abilities, but lack team skills. It means their mechas often collide in training. However, their innate abilities lead them to be picked to pilot a new type of advanced mecha and pushed prematurely into battle to protect a threatened colony.

How will they do? To find out, look out for it on an anime channel soon, or you can watch it now on

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