Delivering us to a dreamworld

Delivering us to a dreamworld

Shadows, Lenka's third album, takes us to a girly world of fairy tales and fantasy. Instead of her usual, upbeat vibe, there is a dreamy feel here, with soothing rhythms and a sing-song quality.

Opener Nothing Here but Love starts like a pendulum. The soft, swinging melody symbolises the ups and downs of life. It then expands to become livelier and more light-hearted.

While most songs are tranquilis soothing, After the Winter is an exception. It has a tasteful melody which, together with Kripac's graceful and angelic voice, brings vitality.

But before the mood gets too poignant, the chorus introduces a spirited rhythm and messages of hope: "After the winter comes the spring / That's when the bluebirds start to sing".

The Top of Memory Lane is the album's most expressive number. The theme of unrequited love is nostalgically built up with sentiment and a slightly sorrowful feeling. But it ends on a hopeful note, as a great album wrap-up.

YP Rating: 4/5

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