Week of Mar.12

Week of Mar.12

You have probably heard these news terms being discussed in the papers or on TV. Here is how to use them in English:

1. 預選 - primary poll

A Basic Law Committee heavyweight has dismissed suggestions that holding a primary poll for the 2017 chief executive race would be a regressive move.

2. 尋釁滋事罪 - provoking quarrels and making trouble

Hong Kong activist Yang Kuang said he had been escorted to Beijing airport and put on a flight after being held for over 30 hours by police, who told him he had been detained for "provoking quarrels and making trouble".

3. 全國人民代表大會 - National People's Congress

In his policy speech at the opening of the annual session of the National People's Congress, Premier Wen Jiabao says fighting inflation is a priority this year and the benefits of economic growth will be spread to ward off threats to social stability.

4. 中國人民政治協商會 - Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference

Failed chief executive contender Henry Tang Ying-yen and one of his supporters have been nominated as new delegates to the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference.

5. 一簽多行 - multiple-entry permits

The government has dismissed calls from some politicians to scrap or limit the multiple-entry permits given to Shenzhen permanent residents, warning it could harm tourism.



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