Week of Apr.16

Week of Apr.16

You have probably heard these news terms being discussed in the papers or on TV. This is how to use them in English:

1. 外判商 - Sub-contractor

The striking workers have been demanding a 20 per cent pay raise but the port is controlled by layers of subcontractors, most of whom want to offer only a 5 per cent raise to wages.

2. 集體談判 - Collective bargaining

Absence of collective bargaining and insufficient protection against various forms of discrimination were highlighted in a recent report by the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) on employee rights in Hong Kong.

3. 談判 - Negotiations

Port contractors have not entered into negotiations with the strikers so far.

4. 制裁 - Sanctions

Over the past few months, Beijing has shifted its tone on North Korea by backing UN sanctions against it and allowing state media to carry articles sharply critical of Pyongyang.

5. 獸醫學 - Veterinary school

A new veterinary school would not be able to do much to control the transmission of animal diseases to humans, says Professor Wong Yuk-shan, chairman of the Veterinary Surgeons Board.



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