Week of Apr.23

Week of Apr.23

You have probably heard these news terms being discussed in the papers or on TV. This is how to use them in English:

1. 弔唁電 - Messages of condolence

Hundreds of fans left messages of condolence on the Facebook page of late singer Sita Chan.

2. 死亡人數 - Death toll

Rescue teams were delayed by a communications shutdown and long tailbacks on roads into worst-hit areas as the death toll from the Sichuan earthquake rose to 188.

3. 致敬 - Tribute

Before the start of the London Marathon, official announcer Geoff Wightman asked the crowd to observe a 30-second silence in tribute to victims of the Boston bomb attack.

4. 良心雇主 - Boss with a conscience

Strike organiser Stanley Ho Wai-hong, of the Union of Hong Kong Dockers, called for Li Ka-shing to be a "boss with a conscience" and put an end to the dispute which began on March 28.

5. 瓦礫 - Rubble

Premier Li Keqiang flew into the disaster zone by helicopter to comfort the injured and displaced, chatting to rescuers and clambering over rubble.



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