Week of June 11

Week of June 11

You have probably heard these news terms being discussed in the papers or on TV. This is how to use them in English:

1. 持不同政見者 - dissident

Activists remembered mainland dissident Li Wangyang one year after he was found hanged in a hospital.

2. 諮詢組織 - advisory council

Beijing has for the first time established an advisory council of multinational heavyweights to help the leadership keep a finger on the pulse of major corporations in vital industries.

3. 指控 - allegation

US President Barack Obama is expected to raise allegations of Chinese hackers targeting US networks when he meets President Xi Jinping.

4. 傳媒審查制度 - media censorship

Netizens - anxious about mainland media censorship - experienced envy and excitement after privately-owned daily newspapers hit Myanmar's streets for the first time in decades last week.

5. 獨立調查 - independent inquiry

Instead of an independent inquiry into Timothy Tong Hin-ming's lavish banquets, gifts and business trips, the chief executive only ordered a review of regulations and compliance during Tong's time as head of the ICAC.

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