Letters from the dorm: Blooming into a chatterbox

Letters from the dorm: Blooming into a chatterbox

When you go abroad for your studies, you come to like chatting even more.

Yes, I know that many youngsters who stay at home love chatting, too. What I mean is that when you stay in a boarding school or a college dorm, you end up spending much of your time with others.

And how do you while away free time? By chatting away on an endless stream of topics.

I often find myself immersed in what we call Deep Meaningful Conversations (DMCs) until 2am or 3am. I could be having one of these all-night chats with a next-door neighbour or another resident down the corridor as we catch up on the latest "news".

When you are away from home and your loved ones, keeping regular company with your mates becomes all the more important.

At home, sheltered by your parents, you can withdraw into your own little world. But away at school, you come to realise how important it is to open up and socialise.

I myself have undergone a remarkable transformation. I started out in a boarding school a decade ago. I have since turned from a shy and reserved girl into a strong-minded chatterbox. I have learned to speak my mind and to stand up for myself, if need be.

How have I achieved this change? I credit the number of DMCs I have had with my friends at boarding school and later at the university dorm.

By chewing over weighty subjects with them, I have bonded with them in a mutual environment of tender, loving care. That has helped me grow into a confident young adult.

Talking to people well takes some skill. Don't underestimate what quality communication can do for you. It trains you to think fast and logically. Before you know it, you will become more articulate than ever. And of course, you can make new friends far more easily.

So my advice to you is this: don't be a shrinking violet. Become a chatterbox instead!


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